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CV & Resume Evaluation No resume is perfect, you definitely have to get feedback to improve it.

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Old 12-26-2013
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Default How can you stand out on resume?

  1. The title is Resume
  2. Unless specified in the application process, do not include personal details as they may be used in a discriminatory fashion.
  3. You start with your career objective
  4. Use Numbers - Instead of listing your responsibilities from previous work experience, list your achievements. Did you increase sales by 75? Then, list it on your resume. Exact quantities can be impressive to an employer
  5. Your Resume is more than 3 pages
  6. Adjust the Layout

Finding work is real work, so be prepared to make changes to your resume and rewrite your cover letters and other correspondence to speak to the needs of the hiring company. You are selling yourself and you need to speak to the motivations and interests of the buyer - the hiring organization.

Keep this in mind about recruiters: They are not there to help you move up or find a better job. They are there to identify what you have done well before so they can present you as a good candidate to fill the position. They want to reduce risk and get the job filled so they can get paid.

Your job is to identify the jobs that truly interest and excite you. Then you can highlight your experience, education and accomplishments that will give you a chance at getting the interview.

Here's how to stand out: Tell compelling, concise stories in your resume that speak to results, accomplishments, recognition and other attributes that go beyond basic job descriptions. You can't be humble. Tell the world why you are great!
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Old 12-26-2013
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Default Re: How can you stand out on resume?

ask your self about how you differentiate yourself
from others- when it comes to your dresses, reading, walking and also the way you feel about others, about your parents etc., In fact, you would like be a kind of “special” and you try to be like that. So, you will get attracted / get the attention in a crowd. In the same way, you can make experiments while writing your resume. Remember that you are not filling the application for a passport or some thing like that. You wanted – frankly – to describe yourself about what you are, take it or leave it. Because you have every right to reject the offer – while he has got every right to reject you.

Resume is your letter of intent to offer your services. Interview is just discussion to know about you, for you, to know about organization. In this kind of situation your creativity and innovation will work wonders. Just – for example – apply for any position by writing a creative resume, with good covering letter. He will call you, and first question will be: who drafted this letter? And then some discussions and he may say that your resume is excellent and I just wanted to see you in person. It has happened to me many times.

My daughter when she finished her graduation, asked me to write her resume. The first line I started “I am a fresh graduate and my idea
of expectations and idea of goal and objective are still inside the oven” and then I gave the details of her education etc., She was called for interview. But she was not willing to go saying that I drafted a nasty unusual resume and that officer may reject her. I spent two hours to convince her and she went there. The first question was “who has written this first line” she suddenly got the confidence and informed that she only drafted it, and said that I do not want to follow any other resumes and I want to write what I feel about me. She got the job.

So, make it utterly unusual – provided you are not looking
for a position in IT Sector or higher positions. If you have no experience, you have more freedom to play with resume. Like a web site, where you will see “about us” you start with a small 5 line paragraph with a heading “about”
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
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